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We take care of all your plumbing emergencies

If you need a emergency plumber, we can help. When most other companies are not available or even close up for the holidays, we are still here for any urgent work. It does not matter what time of day or night you call us, even it is on weekends or Christmas Day, give us a ring.

We repair anything from burst pipes to dripping taps, our vans are stocked with the most common parts so we should have your problem sorted in one visit. However if we do have to return to your property (this could be due to not having a part) it will be the same day or when the part we need to fix the problem is available.

We attend to plumbing emergencies all over Dorchester, also the surrounding areas. Our response time is normally within the hour, if we are going to be late (due to traffic or weather conditions) we will phone you with a update.

If you want to prevent damage to your property or you need advise on frost protection, then please give us a call. We offer our customers a FREE site visit, we can advise on insulated pipes, tanks etc.

What to do in a Emergency

Leaking or Burst Pipes
Find the stopcock and turn it off, this is usually found under the sink or next to your water meter. Turn off the water coming from the cold water tanks in the loft (if you have them).

Assess the extent of the damage and give us a ring. Information you provide over the phone will give us a good idea of the problem at hand, we can then arrange to come out and deal with the problem.

Frozen Pipes
Turn off water supply as explained above. Examine the pipe and make sure there are no splits, if its a fitting then make sure its not pushed apart. Thaw the pipe with a hot water bottle or with towels soak in hot water.

Never use a open flame or a hair dryer, if the pipe is weak and bursts there is a good chance you will get covered in water. You DO NOT want to be holding anything electicial.

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