Saniflo, Sanitop and Saniplus are trade names of small bore sanitary waste discharge pipe systems. A special package unit consisting of a macerator and a pump which can be installed behind a WC pan to collect its contents and macerate up any solid matter to allow it to be pumped vertically up to 5 metres or horizontally up to 50 - 100 metres and discharged into a small 22mm nominal bore discharge pipe.

Macerator pumps are only permitted to be installed if there is also access to a WC discharging directly into a gravity system of drainage, the reason for this is that should there be an electrical failure the machine is put out of action. The holdind tank to these machines needs to be ventilated to allow for its gravity filling and to facilitate emptying, therefore to prevent unnecessary odours empying into the room it is recommended that the vent be extended and terminated externally to a safe position.


saniflo toilet